Environmental, Social and Governance

Bregal's ESG Approach

Bregal’s ESG approach

3 aspects to improve overall business performance, while creating long-term sustainable value



ESG review

  • Prioritize key ESG aspects and drive improvements
  • Raise awareness at Board level



Development Fund

  • Capital to invest in ESG improvement projects
  • Support transition to a more sustainable business



Impact Initiative

  • Address social causes & business-relevant impact
  • Help define / reinvigorate business purpose

Alvar de Wolff

At Bregal, our commitment to responsible investment means that we aim to consistently con-tribute to building great companies and creating long-term, sustainable value for our investors, while at the same time having a positive impact on society.

Alvar de Wolff, Director – CSR

Renewable energy
Investments related to new and ongoing renewable energy projects, such as rooftop solar, wind, biomass projects or associated energy storage solutions.

Ecosystem impact
Investments in impact reduction of company operations or its supply chain on terrestrial and aquatic biodiversity. Projects to protect and con-serve nature.

Water management and conservation
Investments in water efficiency projects such as upgrades to water efficiency fixtures or investments in water filtration.

Supply chain improvements
Investments in enhancing operating standards of suppliers through improvements in health & safety standards, chemical usage, liveable wages and supply chain transparency.

Energy efficiency
Investments in production processes, green buildings or product efficiency improvements of at least 20% vs the incumbent technology or existing asset base.

Emissions and waste
Projects to reduce emissions from the company’s own operations or supply chain. Investments related to projects that enhance recycling, material recovery, reuse and landfill waste diversion.

Eco-efficient product development
Development and introduction of more envi-ronmentally friendly products, potentially with eco-label or environmental certification, sustain-able packaging and distribution.

Any initiatives with a material positive impact on the company’s social or environmental performance, relevant for the business but not cov-ered by the other categories.

ESG Social Impact