Bregal Partners is part of Bregal Investments, a global family of private equity and fund investment vehicles that has invested more than $12.5 billion since 2002.

Funded by a sixth-generation family foundation, Bregal brings experience, stability, and a long-term outlook to all of its investment activities. Bregal Investments is the private equity investment business of COFRA Holding AG, a European holding company for a privately-owned group of companies which also include C&A, a clothing retail organization, and Redevco, a real estate company owning a portfolio of over €7 billion across 700 properties in Europe.

The COFRA story dates back to two brothers, Clemens and August Brenninkmeijer, who founded a textile wholesaling operation in the Netherlands in 1841 that started what is today a worldwide chain of over 1,800 C&A stores. Redevco grew out of the real estate operations of C&A and since 1999 has been an independent organization. Bregal was founded in 2002 to consolidate and grow COFRA’s private equity investment activities.

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Commitment to Responsible Investing

Bregal Partners is committed to high environmental, social, and governance standards

Bregal’s mission is to generate superior returns for its investors by investing in and building world-class companies. Being a world-class company includes ensuring high environmental, social and governance standards (ESG). High ESG standards can help capture opportunity and avoid risks that occur at the intersection of sustainability and commerciality.

As a commitment to its investors and the communities in which Bregal and its portfolio companies operate, Bregal has adopted responsible investment and ownership policies that seek to promote the core tenets set forth in the U.N. Global Compact on Corporate Sustainability in the World Economy. Bregal’s policies include guidelines that ensure sound environmental practices, labor and human rights practices, business ethics, and best in class corporate governance. While on occasion there may be a conflict between short-term profitability and compliance with these policies, Bregal believes there is a strong correlation between long-term value creation and socially and environmentally responsible business practices.

As such, we integrate environmental, social and governance (ESG) considerations into all our investment processes. We exclusively select good companies with environmentally and socially sound operations. We encourage the companies we invest in to map their own direct impact to identify the ESG issues that are specifically relevant to them. We provide support to our management teams to help them set ESG goals that are relevant to their business. Together with our management teams, we then periodically review ESG priorities, status and plans. This allows us to collectively monitor progress, raise ESG awareness, and share best practices across our portfolio.